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6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Kitchen Appliances in Bundles in 2021
Kitchen appliances are an excellent place to start whether you are moving into your new home or upgrading the current old appliances, or remodeling your kitchen space. Your kitchen is a crucial part of your home, and you not only expect easy-to-use appliances but also need them to improve the quality of your life.

In the age where you can bundle everything from insurance policies, banking services, telecom services, and vacations, household furnishing like kitchen appliances are no exception.  While bundling products has its potential benefits, it may not always be the best option available. There are several factors that you should consider to ensure that you are getting the best value for your hard-earned cash through appliance bundling.

What is bundling?

Bundling allows you to enjoy discounts that make the products or services you are purchasing cheaper when bought in multiples compared to when they are purchased separately. For instance, when traveling by plane, you can save money by purchasing two drinks, chips, and candy. The same reasoning applies to application bundles but at a higher level.

Brands now compile kitchen appliance bundles that combine appliances such as the best refrigerators, freezers, ranges, range hoods, dishwashers, and microwaves that the manufacturer offers and avails them as a single purchase.

Many customers trying to replace or upgrade one kitchen appliance may not have considered kitchen appliance bundles before. However, if a clean and cohesive look, affordability, convenience, and practicality are all high up your list of priorities, you should consider buying your appliances in bundles that are known as kitchen appliance suites. Here are six benefits you'll get by purchasing your kitchen appliances in bundle packages.

1. Kitchen Appliance Bundles Will Save You Money

As odd as it may sound, sometimes you can only save more by spending more. When buying your kitchen appliances bundles, you'll pay less per individual appliance compared to when you buy each appliance separately. Our experts estimated that buying appliances in bundle packages would you save up to 20 percent of the total costs. Kitchen appliance packages such as the three-piece set, which includes a range hood, range, and dishwasher, is a pocket-friendly deal that guarantees the customer quality appliances at a cheaper price.

Whether you are fitting a new house, remodeling your kitchen, or just upgrading old and broken-down kitchen appliances, the 20% savings from purchasing appliances as a bundle package gives you the additional purchasing power to explore appliances with features, deluxe finishes, and luxury class installation.

Also, when bought as bundle packages, sellers will often dispatch your order for shipping as a set which lowers the shipping costs for your kitchen appliances and makes the installation process easier and faster as installers are most likely dealing with appliances from the same brand.  Having all the new appliances ready for installation at the same time is cheaper when hiring contractors to install the appliances professionally. Depending on your location and the contractor, delayed installations can cost as much as $500 per day.

2. Kitchen Appliance Bundles Will Save You Time

Since the beginning of 2020, online purchases of appliances and furnishing have grown by about 30% due to COVID-19 restrictions. Online shopping is projected to continue growing by an additional 14 percent. To make online purchases, shoppers spend their time researching, browsing, and comparing kitchen appliances, which consumes their valuable time.

Using appliance bundles, you get to choose from kitchen suites that are carefully prepared by experienced professionals that include some of the best appliances from each brand in a single package. Therefore, instead of researching, comparing, and buying a refrigerator, range, rangehood dishwasher, and over-the-range microwave individually, customers can compare complete package bundles from leading brands quickly without having to through numerous links, tabs, and web pages before making their final decision on what to purchase.

3. Kitchen Appliance Bundles are Easy to Use, Providing a Streamlined User Experience

Enjoying the experience of the brand and wanting to keep it constant every time you use a product from that brand is the reason why people continue buying their favorite brands, whether it is coffee or a car. If you have a hard time deciding whether to shop for appliances separately or a set, buying them as a set is the better alternative.  

Kitchen package bundles are the same. Most manufacturers using similar display panels, controls, and features on all their appliances. Unlike buying from different brands where users may struggle to learn each appliance's unique design and features, appliances from a kitchen suite are from the same brand, which accelerates the learning curve. Ease of use of kitchen appliances increases their efficiency and creates a fluent and streamlined user experience that you can rely on. The consistent design by a single brand makes everything streamlined and, therefore, effortless to use. For instance, most kitchen packages from LG have the exclusive InstaView Door-in-Door technology feature on both refrigerators and ranges. They may also include a smart range which syncs with the over-the-range microwave and automatically activates it during cooking.

When it comes to day-to-day operations, consistency is a significant value adder, and it will also help avoid appliance breakdown and help you if you ever need maintenance. When appliances such as ranges, range hoods, dishwashers, etc., are bought from appliance brands, a breakdown will require you to contact several appliance manufacturers for repairs or maintenance. While it's not the most challenging thing on the planet, having to deal with several manufacturers can be frustrating especially having to book appointments to troubleshoot each appliance from a different brand.

4. Kitchen Appliance Bundles Will Deliver a Cohesive, Perfectly Coordinated Look

There is no better way to get all your kitchen appliances to match than purchasing them through kitchen suites. There's always something stunning about matching all your kitchen appliances, and it helps to bring together the aesthetic of your cooking space. Purchasing kitchen appliances each at a time from different brands increase the chance of mismatching the finish between appliances in your kitchen.

The mismatch of colors can be easily seen in stainless-steel appliances, which is a popular appliance type. Although stainless steel has the unique ability to match almost any scheme, a stainless-steel finish from one manufacturer may be of a different shade than another brand. Whereas each individual appliance may match your kitchen layout theme, collectively, the appliances' inconsistencies may be too apparent, thus hindering the overall cohesiveness of your kitchen's aesthetics.

This mismatch is not tied to just stainless steel, either. A similar lack of visual cohesiveness applies to other popular appliance finishes, such as slate and black stainless steel. Although aesthetics may fall lower on the spectrum of importance for some people, others will want every detail considered for their dream kitchen, and it is essential to keep the original vision and exactly what you desired for the kitchen space intact.

5. Kitchen Appliance Bundles are Chosen by Experts and Will Provide Insight, Instantly

When shopping for kitchen appliances, you want to take the stress out of the equation by knowing that an expert professionally matched and curated all the kitchen appliance bundles saving you from having to mix and match anything. Everyone hates having to return kitchen appliances, especially after they have been delivered and installed. Having to return them as a bundle is easier for the customer than having to return each appliance separately.

Although we offer helpful guides on how to shop for the best kitchen appliances online, the user won't know all the appliances bought separately will look together until after installation. Using appliance bundles gives you the chance to visualize how every appliance will align with the rest of the appliances in the bundle when purchasing.  When the kitchen appliance bundle arrives as a complete set, the customer can interact with each appliance to determine how it works compared to your kitchen layout and the other appliances.  Bundles allow you to set a unique finish or upgrade your kitchen appliances' technology using the right appliance bundle that matches your kitchen and lifestyle.

Purchasing each appliance as a standalone denies you the chance of getting a complete scope of how each appliance looks, works, and fits in the kitchen layout until you have received and installed every piece.  Having to depend on several retailers for delivery, installation services, and warranty policies can be a waiting game that could cost you additional money and time.

6. With Kitchen Appliance Bundles, You'll Enjoy Rebates, Promotions, and Special Financing

In addition to saving your valuable time and up to 20% of the total purchase cost, buying kitchen appliances in bundle packages will allow you to enjoy more savings through special retailer rebates, limited promotions, or special financing programs such as the 12 months special financing with zero interest paid if paid in full within 12 months. Some sellers also offer to provide price matching where if you find what you're looking for elsewhere at a cheaper price, the store gives you the same deal.

You may also get free local delivery for kitchen package orders starting from specific prices, and the seller may provide the option to haul away your old appliances at a small for when the new ones are delivered. Also, check with the seller to find out whether they provide full-service appliance installation services, and you could enjoy a labor warranty.

Buying Kitchen Appliance Bundles at Kitchen Airflow

Shopping for kitchen appliances shouldn't be a hassle; it should be a fun and enjoyable experience. When you are ready to take the plunge and buy a new kitchen setup, be sure to choose our sleek kitchen appliance packages.   Our experts have created kitchen appliance bundles are designed for every lifestyle and budget. Kitchen Airflow is your ideal destination for a fast, convenient, and easy kitchen makeover in one transaction and get to enjoy free shipping on all orders. You can browse, compare and shop our wide catalog of the best kitchen appliances for your various needs. Our list of modern, high-quality kitchen sets includes microwaves, ranges, range hoods, wall ovens, refrigerators, etc.



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